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The only thing I can honestly say is that this course is amazing. Very well organized, full of information options and websites. I had all of the assistance from the beginning to the end of it. I also really appreciate the incredible help with my internship search.

My experience with Mitio was more than great. I already recommended this course to several people.Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Lee. Claudia N. - Massachusetts @ 2015-01-20, 04:10
Muchas gracias por todo! You were very helpful and encouraging while taking this class. I would like to keep in touch with you if I may to let you know how my career as an interpreter/translator is going. Adela S. - Washington @ 2015-01-19, 22:24
I am very happy that I found this school. This was my first time taking a class online, and I have to say it was great! The teacher and the material were very helpful. I like that we did not have a time limit to finish the assignments, and all the information was very well presented. Thank you very much for everything. I feel like a have learned a lot during the last two months. Ruben R. - Illinois @ 2015-01-19, 22:24
MiTio is an excellent source of information. This program has provided me with knowledge, skills and many good and useful tips as a medical interpreter. Each unit is overloaded with information and insights in the field. The weekly practice session was the best of all. Dr. Lee asked questions and gave us different scenarios to role play giving us the opportunity to practice what we learned. Gladys H. - Ohio @ 2015-01-19, 22:24
I really enjoyed this course. It is the first time I had such useful power points presentations on the different body systems. The presentations were excellent it really helps to memorize words, understand different issues. All the materials presented were really fantastic. Also the teacher was very helpful with her remarks and websites and different aids she offered us. Brenda P. - Nevada @ 2015-01-19, 22:23
I think this course was perfect for the working professional. It gave just enough information but not enough to overwhelm you. It's structured as well as flexible. Deborah A. - New Mexico @ 2015-01-19, 22:23
Thank you for always being there for us. I am planning to take quiz 4 soon. However I must admit, it is scary the thought of spending 4-5 hours for a quiz. I am glad I can save the data and return later, since I really don't have 4-5 hour block in my day. Thank you so much.As I approach the end of the units, I am more aware of my internship. I am glad we have the chance to do the internship in a place where we use our language abilities rather than offering just the translation and interpretation as I thought in the very beginning. Perhaps I am one of the slowest students of MiTio. All I can say is that I am glad the course is online and I can arrange my schedule in order to finish, rather than a strict schedule where I have no freedom to choose. S.G. - Colorado @ 2015-01-19, 22:22
As a MITIO student, I was able to attend CHIA conference as an Exhibitor (Ambassador) and it was a great net working and learning experience for me. I am really thankful to Dr. Lee. I think this course is perfect for the people who are working and want to get a certificate in medical interpreting and transplanting. I really enjoyed this journey with Dr. Lee, who is always helpful and encouraging participation in class for the discussion. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants their career as an interpreter or translator. Respectfully Anjana M. - California @ 2015-01-19, 22:22
I really enjoyed taking this course. It was well organized and insightful. Thank you for all of your efforts to train and educate Interpreters and Translators. Celina R. - New York @ 2015-01-19, 22:22
We liked (MiTio) so much that we added this course to our career ladder to become senior interpreters in our department. Jose T. - Missouri @ 2015-01-19, 22:21

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