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The MiTio Foundation; established in 2007, raised funds to provide a family in Nicaragua with housing.

Its Purpose: The purpose of the MiTio Foundation is to “Partner Needs with People” That means that the MiTio Foundation seeks to meet the needs of its constituents with the people power of MiTio.

Its Constituents: The MiTio foundation has three main constituents that it serves. Bilingual students in the US in need of a trade and/or college education; poor people in the Americas in need of clean water; poor people in the Americas in need of eradication of River Blindness disease.

Its Partners:  The MiTio Foundation Partners with Food for the Poor to provide water sanitation projects; we partner with OEPA to eradicate river blindness; and with the *Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online to fund these above initiatives and the scholarships to Bilingual students.

Fundraising Goals for 2010

1.    Drill and Install a Drinking Water Well to village in Haiti – cost $5,298

2.    Raise $5,000 to help OEPA eradicate River Blindness in the Americas

3.    Provide two $1,000 scholarships* to Bilingual students seeking careers in healthcare

 Visit our website  to download Scholarship Application.


*The candidate awarded with the $1000.00 scholarship in June 2010 to attend the school and health program of their choice is Nikki Vyas, a medical student who has completed both medical interpreting courses and a medical mission trip to the Caribbean’s.  Congratulations Nikki!

*The Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online donates a portion of all tuition proceeds to 

the MiTio Foundation

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  Psalm 9:18

"But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish” (NIV)

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